What Is UpTo?

Helping neighborhood businesses by raising the awareness of good design and writing services

High design and quality communications services sparking creative change on main streets throughout the U.S.

Who is this for?

If you are a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or know someone who is, keep reading to find out when the next UpTo is happening…



Calling Freelancers

We are currently seeking freelance designers, writers and new media specialists for upcoming UpTo events.



You know your stuff, we know ours

How We Help?

The first impression is really the most important.  Present your business in the best possible light from the front door sign to your website.

  • Design services – logos, signage, brochures, business cards, postcards and more
  • Communications – a powerful tagline and strategically placed words can make all the difference
  • Marketing consultation – sometime all you need is a little direction, we’re here to get you on the right path
  • New media – website and search engine audits, social media and social media training

The Next UpTo

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  • Where: Check back for our next location
  • When: TBD
  • What: A week-long popup marketing and creative firm

What is Creative Placemaking?

  • We intentionally leverage the power of creativity to serve a community’s interest while driving an agenda for social change and transformation in a way that also builds a quality of place.
  • Business owners need quality artistic, marketing and design services
  • UpTo Staff are experienced designers, communicators and marketers
  • Together we are re-imagining main street

mainstreets matter.

It is proven that when small businesses do well, the economy responds favorably. Small businesses need proper marketing tools to communicate effectively to their customers.  UpTo works in a storefront on main streets to allow small businesses to quickly engage in these quality skills. Because mainstreets matter.

By being present within the mainstreet community, UpTo positions itself alongside the small businesses and provides tangible services, that accompanied with an UpTo strategy session, increase the ability of that business to strengthen and grow its brand.

Upto has a large network of creative freelancers and small business owners who work together to serve each other’s best interests.

Learn more about bringing an UpTo to your community.


The rates listed below are suggested prices that we believe are accessible for most any small business. These prices do not reflect the actual market value and are only offered during the UpTo popup event. But don’t be intimidated. You’ll learn more about the value of creative services once you participate in UpTo, giving you the confidence and encouragement to set aside the right budget to appropriately market your business. Payment is due the day of your appointment. We accept cash or check as well as all major credit cards. Each consultation comes with a strategy document that provides you with tips and best practices that you can reference later.



(2 concepts, no revisions)

Personal Branding Services

Pricing varies depending on service needed

Brochure layout

(1 concept, no revisions)


(1 concept, no revisions)


(per sign - 1 concept each, no revisions)

Business card

(per design - 1 concept, no revisions)

Direct mail postcard

(per design - 1 concept, no revisions)


(revisions due by Thursday at 3 pm)


Strategy consult

(1/2 hour)

News release

(per release)

Copywriting + editing

(per piece edited)

Tagline creation

(1/2 hour in store consultation)

Store design + setup recommendations

(1/2 hour consultation)

performance + presentation techniques

(1 hour session)

Photo/video consultation

(1/2 hour session)


Website review + recommendations


SEO audit


Facebook page creation


Twitter page creation


Social media training

(1 hour)

Social media posting calendar

(30 days worth)

Email marketing

(1/2 hour consultation)

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The Work

The businesses we work with during an UpTo pop-up event range from main street retailers to restauranteurs, to companies and nonprofits,  brand new as well as established.  Each business receives a 30-minute consultation so we can determine the services that are going to most benefit the company.


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email us general questions at sayhello@whatareyouupto.org

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