Brand Yourself

Do you need a new look? UpTo Know Good is now building brands for people.

If corporations are people and companies create brands, why don’t you need a brand, too, right? UpTo Know Good now offers an opportunity to receive the same attention branding agencies give to corporations, but now offers it to people.


What is a brand?

A brand is a collection of icons, colors, fonts, social media channels and other tools and tactics that help the outside world – people – make an emotional connection to company or product. In this case, makes an emotional connection to you. You actually have a brand already. The clothes you wear, the way you speak, and the company you keep all reflect the way others’ connect to you. Just like Starbucks has green aprons for a reason, your flannel shirt says something about you.

To get attention in the crowded marketplace, whether that is in the job field, the dating field or among your friends and family – go ahead, build a brand for yourself and stand out.


Who’s an ideal candidate?


Are you seeking a job? UpTo Know Good will conduct a social media audit to tell you the tone and nature of the content of your social channels to make sure they reflect your personality but protect you from any ill-advised content that might make you less valuable as a candidate.


Are you looking for a date? UpTo know Good will build you a logo and identity package that can help you stand out from the rest of the men and women looking to score a date. The logo will reflect your personality, show that you have a good sense of who you are and help people make an emotional connection with you.


Are looking to revamp your tired self into something new? Corporate brands refresh themselves all the time. If you need a new look, let UpTo Know Good build a refreshed brand you can use to jump-start a new life.


‘I put my personal logo on everything – stationary I use to write letters, my avatar in social media and on my resume. My logo reflects my personality and tells the world who I am. I liked it so much I put it on T-shirts I wore to school. I actually sold a few!’


‘I learned from them that consistency is key. The fonts and colors that they built for me are now deployed in every way I communicate. I started to use the color palette they suggested in the clothes that I wear. People now know I have a certain aesthetic. It reflects me.’


‘They  found a series of Twitter posts I wrote while with my buddies in Vegas. God forbid my current employer saw them, I would be toast. They built a social media strategy for me that is now engrained in me and the way I speak to the world socially through Facebook and Twitter.’


‘My daughter was a leading track star here locally. We wanted to get her into a better college, so they built a brand for her and suggested some press strategies to get her success into the news paper to raise her profile.’


Services we offer:
A logo that reflects your personality
A social media audit
A 30-day calendar of posts for your social media channels
Personal website
Crisis communications consultation
Resume redesign
Press strategies
Other custom solutions

To inquire about a personal brand email