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You are looking for a designer, writer or other marketing and communications professional. Well, we have them – local freelancers ready to discuss your project or ongoing marketing needs. Our platform allows you to enter a project or ongoing need, the budget range, and project details. From there our system matches your project to freelancers, who will reach out to you directly.


  • You will fill out the form defining your project or ongoing monthly needs. Be as specific as possible in the comments field.
  • Provide information about your company or who you are. The creative professionals in our network want to know about you and your project.
  • Be transparent about the ways you work and your budget.  Are you hoping to do an hourly engagement or project fee?
  • Please explain how you like to communicate. Is it through email, by phone or talking in person?
  • It’s always helpful to provide examples what types of design or writing you like, or are inspired by.

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