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Open the door to more projects. Get started in three easy steps:

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How connectUP Works

+ You add your profile: tell us about yourself, describe your skills, upload past work, and give us a budget range.


+ When a project comes in that matches your skills, we’ll send you the project summary.


+ If you want to connect with the business owner to bid on their project, you’ll pay a flat $50 fee and receive the contact details.

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What is UpTo Know Good?

UpTo Know Good is a social enterprise aimed at delivering quality creative services to urban entrepreneurs and small business owners. We achieve our mission through three levels of services.


The first is UpTo Mainstreet, a where we pop-up in a storefront property for one week and offer services for a suggested donation.


The second ConnectUp, a match-making service that connects businesses with freelancers to get projects completed.


The third level of service is an education platform called Know Good. We are currently building out education resources on topics about the creative services industries.