UpTo Mainstreet is a one-week pop-up event staffed by independent creative professionals. During the pop-up event, we provide marketing, design and communications services at affordable prices.  We offer affordable prices to both carry on our mission and make sure you have stake in the game. If you don’t we know you won’t value it. You know you are getting below rate costs for these assets, but we’ll teach you the real costs so you can get to the robust marketing budget you need.

By popping up directly on the mainstreet, we are more accessible for small businesses like you. We even take ‘walk-in’ appointments.  A consultation is provided to every UpTo customer. We want to help you gain a better understanding of how the item you are purchasing could impact your business long-term.

An UpTo customer pays a fixed fee for their selected item or items at the time of appointment. Items from the menu start at $50, way below market rate, but it’s a start to build a marketing budget that works for you.