Corporate Social Responsibility

Let us tell you more about how you can embark on a rare social engagement effort like no other, utilizing your company’s talents to give back to the community. We know you have a commitment to giving back to your community, as every good marketing and communications firm should, our program gives you the opportunity to have a deeper relationship with your community, expand your corporate social responsibility goals while training talent and getting leads.


UpTo Know Good is a turnkey corporate social responsibility program that makes connecting talent with professional development opportunities seamless.  Current clients will feel good about working with your firm, Prospective clients who care about social good will be inclined to choose you because you are committed on creating a more productive world.  


Our license gives you exclusive access, education and training to implement your own marketing popups.

What’s in it for you?

Evaluate new talent

You have the opportunity to evaluate talent through the popups. Your will see how staff react to pressure as the requirements are to turn work over in a 24 – 48 hours window.


Recharge current talent

Get your staff out of the office and use their creative professionals skills to give back.


Recruit new talent

Utilize these popups as a recruitment effort to staff up.


Tax write off

Each popup and license can be written off as a donation or business expense.


Earned media opportunities

Because of how rare the marketing and communications efforts are delivered you will receive sustained earned media coverage.


Reactivating empty spaces in your city

Derelict and empty buildings in your city are a reflection on your company. Reactivating empty spaces enlivens city streets and gives community members a new sense of hope and prosperity.


Brand exposure

Through earned media opportunities your brand will be recognized throughout the region. You can post your brand throughout the community through marketing efforts deployed and showcase your brand in the space. The popups can be a great location for a retreat with your clients or staff.


Helping small businesses grow

Rather than providing pro bono work to various clients as your charitable giving, UpTo allows access to your quality skills that they would never have access to.

Metrics at a glance 2013-2017

  • 16 popups*
  • 182 assets built
  • 140 small business owners


*UpTo pops-up for only one week and takes appointments Monday – Thursday (4 days). In the 16 popups UpTo saw 140 business owners in 64 days. The volume business compared to today’s traditional agency is astronomical.


Earned Media

Shift Collaborative used UpTo and received more than $1,500,000 in earned media coverage appearing in every major newspaper and television outlet in the Western Pennsylvania market.


New Business

At times, a business will be ready to take the next step of consultation. Shift Collaborative received 6 new clients as a result of using UpTo.


Talent engagement

Because of the robust freelance network in our profession, Shift Collaborative has hired two designers and established  marketing and communications professional to work within the agency. Many designers have gone on to successful full-time positions as a result of engaging with UpTo Know Good.

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