Hard Not to Fall in Love with Butler

We are smitten. It’s day two of UpTo Butler and we are in love.  The Butlerites – Butlerians – are wonderful. The local business community is creative and generous.

Nosh Bakery’s cookie is selling like hotcakes (or cookie cakes) proceeds will go to the local main street association. We also met a former U.S. Marshall who runs a company called Check-Your-Mate, a private investigation company, who also manages a hoagie shop (yep, that’s what we call Subs in western PA) called the Upper Crust.

We ate at Natali’s Restaurant. Their vegetable pizza is to die for. The owner, Vince Tavalario and his family have been in business for 75 years.  People say the restaurant business is the hardest to start and maintain. The average lifespan for a restaurant is three years. We heard that somewhere. We think Vince got this restaurant business down.

pizza from Natali’s