UpTo East Liberty Juice

We do what we can to help small businesses.  For the UpTo East Liberty joint we will be partnering with Juice Up 412.

Juice Up 412 is way more than juice. It is a community enterprise using fresh fruits and vegetables to educate underserved neighborhoods about health and nutrition. Juice Up pop’s up juice bars around the city. Now they are in-residence at The Livermore. They have bigger plans to engage the community and find ways to remedy health disparities in disenfranchised communities.

The fine folks at Juice Up 412 are creating a product for UpTo East Liberty that we will sell, proceeds will go to a local charity. We’ll help extend their brand in our popup store on the road in other main streets and through our website.


Our vision is to bring innovative juices to the area through diverse, creative media and inspire a broader conversation about access & behavioral norms in order to educate and empower traditionally underserved demographics regarding health & wellness. – Majestic Lane – Juice Up 412