UpTo Impact

UpTo Overview

  • UpTo is an educational initiative that teaches business owners the importance of original and high quality design, marketing and communications services.
  • UpTo engages creative professionals and helps them make connections with new small business clients.
  • UpTo reaches small businesses by popping up on main streets using temporary space strategies. UpTo connects freelancers with business owners.

Deployed UpTo Butler, PA

  • Helped 14 small businesses in 3 days
  • Hired 3 designers, 4 writers and 2 digital media strategists

Deployed UpTo East Liberty, PA

  • Worked with 10 small businesses in 4 days
  • Hired 3 designers, 2 writers and 1 digital media strategist

Deployed UpTo Wilkinsburg, PA

  • Helped 15 small businesses in 4 days
  • Created 27 assets including logos, posters, press releases, and social media calendars.

Deployed UpTo McKees Rocks, PA

  • Worked with 10 small businesses in 4 days
  • Hired 1 designers, 2 writers and 1 digital media strategist

In 2016, we helped more than more than 50 businesses and hired more than 20 creative professionals in the process.


Since 2013, UpTo Know Good has helped more than 100 small business owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations and built more than 130 assets, popping up in communities around Western PA. We’ve partnered with New Sun Rising, Millvale Borough, Wilkinsburg Community Development Corporation, Butler Downtown, McKees Rocks Community Development Corporation, Hilltop Alliance, Father Ryan Arts Center, Mt. Oliver Borough, and Neighborhood Allies.

The program was part of Idea Foundry’s Transformational Fellowship program and has been recognized by the Pittsburgh Technology Council. In 2015, we partnered with Workhard Pittsburgh’s Service to the Street program and New Sun Rising to provide a more robust consultative support to business in Allentown. The data collected on the services delivered in the Allentown effort will be influential on what we provide to the community. Though the Services to the Street offered marketing consultation in one community, we plan on adding the Allentown data to the collection of diverse communities we plan to popup in to provide a broader spectrum of the needs of small business owners and most importantly the needs of the robust freelance community and the support provided by neighborhood business districts.

What We Do


We reimagine the agency relationship between client and vendor. During the pop-up event we offer a thirty minute consultation period — putting the creative professional in the driver seat as the expert.

UpTo freelance professionals  takes what they learn in the consultation and get to work. They turn around quality work over in 24-48 hours.


By using popup real estate strategies and temporary spaces on main streets we are accessible to the small business community.


UpTo helps small businesses learn how to use creative services to grow and positively impact their businesses.

The Next Phase


Business owners that want to continue on a path of education will graduate to Know Good Education, a more process oriented initiative where we provide strategic thinking on how to deploy comprehensive creative tactics.


We will continue to reactivate empty storefronts — brining vitality and energy to main streets in transition.